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Aurora: Roads to Agartha is a Metroidvania-JRPG; starring a young girl named Aurora. Being mute for her entire life and sheltered by her parents, Aurora never experienced the outside world. Her only companion, Artorius. Who was indebted to the family, has been given the role to protect the voiceless girl.

Chapter 1: Smoke on the Horizon

-Year: BE 1723, Dusk 5th Moon -
Today marks Aurora's 19th birthday, she spends the day with Artorius as her parents have yet returned from their journey to the City of Zaon. She dreams of the day she can leave the village and journey beyond the sunset from her window. Today was no different, as she walked through the village, trading coins for fruit and bread until a funnel of charcoal black smoke rose and expanded across the peaceful skies.

Artorius noticed an older lady struggling with a basket of food; dashed towards her to lend a helping hand. Thus not realizing that Aurora had already started heading for the village gate unnoticed, smoke entered her body making her feel hypnotized... as she walked through the gate and took a step with a smile on her face, she was abruptly stopped by Artorius. Who had leaped over the gate and slammed his great sword larger than Aurora's height into the ground! She fell backwards throwing the fruit and bread into the air from fear/shock, her eyes fell short of Artorius' protectiveness; she began to weep and took off running towards the house.
Artorius was disheartened by how he had handled the situation, and noted that he had never seen Aurora look at him with fear in her eyes... he shook the feeling off and gathered the fruit and bread and started towards the house.

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